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Nbars Vegan Snack - Emirati Package

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Nbars Emirati Package will come with:

3 x NATIONAL - Fruit: Pine Nut, Fruit: Date, Seed: Watermelon Seeds

Ingredients:  Organic oat flakes, sesame butter, coconut nectar, watermelon seeds, pine nuts, dates, 70% dark chocolate, date paste, puffed rice, cardamom, pink Himalayan salt, coffee, saffron.

''Nbars to help eNergize your body, eNhance your mood, iNspire your creativity, iNfuse your spirit, eNrich your soul, eNdear your heart. Nbars don’t contain any animal products such as honey, dairy, eggs, etc. and are not made with gluten-containing ingredients but our bars are not yet certified by an external body.''

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